Thoughts on Location No 83

Kununurra, (East) Kimberley, Western Australia

Located at the eastern extremity of the Kimberley Region, and approximately 43 kilometres (26 miles) from the border with the Northern Territory, Kununurra was our last location in Western Australia.

We were only there to enjoy a flight over The Bungle Bungle Range, but quickly discovered we were in an extraordinary place indeed.  This however had nothing to do with the town itself, (not that there was anything wrong with the town), but rather it was all about where we were staying on the banks of Lake Kununurra – a fresh water lake created by a diversion dam on the Ord River where it (the river) flows down from Lake Argyle.

We stayed at the Discovery Holiday Park nestled on the shore of Lake Kununurra and at this time of the year you can see, not only the sun setting over the lake:

Sunset on Lake Kununurra
Sunset over Lake Kununurra

But if you get up early enough, you can also see the sun rising over the lake:

Sunrise over Lake Kununurra
Sunrise over Lake Kununurra

BUT . . .

Imagine my surprise when, after taking the sunrise photo above, I looked around and ‘George’ was just behind me.  Literally less than his body length away.

Meet George - a 'bigger then most' fresh water crocodile
Meet George – a ‘bigger than most’ fresh water crocodile who looks like he’s had a good feed.

Even I was astonished by my wonderful, silent, and very accurate, living impression of The Scream by Edvard Munch, complete with psychedelic sunrise images swirling through my head.

I guess it would have been ‘nice’ to have been told that George likes to visit.  At least I would have been on the look out and not so eager to take happy snaps.  Mind you, there was a large drop down to the water’s edge and I guess George used a lot of energy getting up onto the bank.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

10 thoughts

  1. Yikes! What fantastic experience and fright at the same time. In keeping with my busy mind or poor attention to reading with accuracy, for a moment I thought you wrote, instead of pooling your luck, pooing my pants, pmps. Ha!
    It reminds me of something that happened to me many years ago although much less life threatening. You probably don’t know this, but I’m not scared of spiders, even large ones, of most insects or slimy animals, but if an unexpected up close and personal experience occurs, sometimes my heart skips a beat. one day while driving in peak hour CBD traffic, I turned a corner and my eyes were blasted by a descending summer sun. I scrambled to rescue my eyes by grabbing the sun visor and yanking it down. Suddenly about 5 inches from my face and when my eyes recovered from the solar blast, there was a huntsman spider as big as my hand. I almost pmps, but when I recovered I carefully returned the visor to its original position and thanked god an accident was avoided.
    When I got home I got a small towel and remove the huntsman, relocating him/her to a more suitable spot for arachnids.


    1. Oh Deb, that’s so funny. All scientific evidence and proof aside though, as far as I’m concerned, George is a dinosaur – a living, breathing, very scary dinosaur!

      I still can’t believe I stepped so close to a dinosaur and walked away able to tell the story about it, and I’m completely unscathed to boot.

      Yep – I think I may have pmps just a little as I used up all my pooled luck – Ha ha!


  2. Goodness me! George is certainly not my cuppa tea – so close, so scared ,so nervous I guess – I would have been petrified but you were very composed to stay there and take that picture. Well done Clare!


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