Day Two in Kakadu

Seen From Above

With almost all roads closed during the wet season, and most of those remaining open currently cut due to rising flood waters, we decided the best way to see more of the park was to take a scenic flight with Kakadu Air.

Only one hour, but taking in the beautiful fluorescent, wet season colours, flying across the Arnhem Plateau where it drops away at Twin Falls as well as the spectacular Jim Jim Falls and then on across the wetlands.

The flight was over all too soon, and this made it seem a little disappointing, but I guess that was only due to the amazing flight we had over The Bungle Bungle Range while in Kununurra.

Tomorrow is our last day in Kakadu and we are going for a morning cruise on the Yellow Water Billabong, billed as ‘THE’ must do Kakadu activity.

2 Replies to “Day Two in Kakadu”

  1. You’re seeing “The Top End” at a time most people miss, I’m sure Yellow Waters won’t disappoint.


    1. Thanx Sue. We know most people never see it like this and we aren’t disappointed overall. Heading out for our cruise now and will provide an update when we return.


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