Thoughts on Location No 101

Yeppoon, Fitzroy Region, Queensland

We didn’t intend to stay in Yeppoon as long as we did but, as often happens, the weather dictated what we would, or in this case wouldn’t, do.  With winds classified as strong to near gale (aka, just a little weaker than gale force), we decided to batten down the hatches and stay put.

I was totally cool with that.  Sometimes you need to enjoy some R&R.  Yes, even when life is one big holiday, you still need to have, or take, a time out and relax and do nothing at all.  That’s exactly what we did – 48 hours longer than originally planned thanx to the weather.

Yeppoon sits on the shores of Keppel Bay, and just off shore is the Keppel Islands Group.  After my very green experience in the Whitsundays and the persistent high winds, we didn’t take a trip across the bay.  I thought about it, briefly, then decided better of it.

The highlight of our stay was seeing the rising Mini Moon.

A Mini Moon or Micro Moon, when the Moon appears smaller than normal because it has reached a point in its orbit furthermost from the Earth (apogee), is the exact opposite of a Super Moon when it appears much larger due to its orbit bringing it to a point closest to the Earth (perigee).

When viewing the Mini Moon, without anything to compare it to, it’s hard to see any size difference, but the difference can, in fact, be quite significant.  Click here to see a comparison from 2012.

Although a Mini Moon appears smaller, I found it to be absolutely gorgeous rising behind some clouds just as the Sun was setting.

And I was delighted with the photos I took before it disappeared behind the clouds again.

Mini Moon of April 22, 2016

What do you think?

We stayed at the Beachside Caravan Park, a lovely spot on the beach, just north of the town centre, and was surprised by the (almost) uninterrupted view of the beach (as per the featured image above).  The beach was wide and flat, particularly at low tide, and perfect for enjoying some long walks.  Mind you, with the wind being so strong, the return walk was tougher and longer 🙂

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