Sunshine Coast – Part 1

Back in The Great South East!

However, we’re not home yet. 

South East Queensland (or as those who live here like to call it The Great South East), is an amazing part of Australia that covers 22,420 square kilometres (8,660 square miles).  From the swanky town of Noosa at the northern fringe of the Sunshine Coast, it extends down along the east coast for approx. 240 kilometres (150 miles), past Brisbane and the beautiful Moreton Bay, past the glitz and glamour of the world renown Gold Coast where it terminates at the border with New South Wales.

But wait . . . There’s more!

Travelling as far inland as the city of Toowoomba, (140 kilometres / 87 miles), The Great South East also incorporates the Scenic Rim, a fertile food bowl that lies in the foothills of The Great Dividing Range surrounded by World Heritage listed national parks.  Other areas include the city of Ipswich, the rich farmlands of the Lockyer Valley, and the Somerset Region where you find the region’s two major water storage dams – Wivenhoe and Somerset.

More than three-quarters of Queensland’s population lives here because this part of Australia – where it’s ‘Beautiful one day, perfect the next!‘ – was once described as “. . . one of the few places in the world where you can snuggle under a blanket at night, and lie on the beach during the day.”  I don’t remember who said that, but it was someone important, and I totally agree with their sentiments.

Ok, enough of that.  Today’s Thursday and I’ve been trying to write something since Sunday.  It’s so not like me to be lost for words, but as our amazing adventure races towards its inevitable conclusion, I’m struggling.  I’ve conflicting emotions battling each other to win the prize of ‘Supreme Ruler’ and both sadness, at our adventure ending, and joy, at being home, are making me indecisive and almost incapable of completing this update.

What I will say for now is that Dean and I have been relaxing and enjoying the absence of driving long distances for a change and, despite the featured image above, the weather has been lovely and we’ve enjoyed some gorgeous sunny days.

Thoughts on Location No 105

Coolum Beach, South East Queensland

Affectionately known as the ‘Sunny Coast’ (because Australians have to shorten the names of everything), the Sunshine Coast is only an hour north of Brisbane and a part of The Great South East that Dean and I love.

Although the Sunny Coast stretches for around 90 kilometres (62.2 miles), everything feels close and within easy reach.  Coolum Beach is a lovely little seaside suburb just south of Noosa, yet devoid of the hustle and bustle of Noosa and other more populous areas of the Sunny Coast.

However, I have to say it’s a lot busier than it was the last time we were here.

As we’ve done in the past, we stayed at the Coolum Beach Holiday Park, where Dean had easy access to a surf beach, and I had plenty of places to go for a walk.  It was nice, clean, and surprisingly quiet considering we were so close to the main road.

Stay tuned for another update soon.

Author: Clare

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10 thoughts

  1. I’ve loved reading about your journey and seeing the photos of the places you’ve been. I can understand you being sad at the end of such a huge adventure. However, thanks for the sharing. And what’s on the next page?


    1. Thank you Suzi. It’s always lovely to know you’ve enjoyed reading about our adventure. We still have four to five weeks to explore our own backyard (so to speak) before our adventure is officially over and I’m sure I’ll have some lovely things to share. As for what’s on the next page? I don’t know yet, but I’m excited to find out.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve conflicting emotions battling each other to win the prize of ‘Supreme Ruler’ and both sadness, at our adventure ending, and joy, at being home, are making me indecisive and almost incapable of completing this update. I really FELT that comment. You’re going to have some adjusting to do, aren’t you…


    1. Thanx Calen and oh yes, there will be some adjustments required.

      However, (as they say), when one door closes, another opens, and who knows ‘what’ big adventure might be just around the corner.


  3. Lovely Coolum. Sue and I were there last night having dinner at the pub then onto a TM meeting at the RSL. Certainly a great place to be.


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