What a Cutie

Certainly Not an Ugly Duckling!

Nelson Park at Alexandra Headland lies between the Alex Beach Cabins & Tourist Park (where we are currently staying) and the beach.  Tucked away behind a couple of tall apartment complexes, its primary function is a man-made lake that acts as a retention base to hold stormwater run off and help prevent local flooding.

This is not a huge park, but it has some wonderful facilities including a securely fenced children’s playground that incorporates BBQ and picnic shelters inside the fence, walking paths around the circumference of the lake, and a community garden that currently has an over abundance of cherry tomatoes waiting to ripen.  There are plenty of park benches to sit on and it’s a lovely place to sit and relax while you enjoy the serenity of this little space.

It was the birdlife that caught my attention, the swans in particular.

Dean and I had noticed the swans the first time we walked around the park.  Two big beautiful black swans, swimming side by side, lazily coasting from one end of the lake to the other.  They seemed so peaceful, so calm and relaxed, and oblivious to the other birds in the fading light of the afternoon.

In the morning though, you get to see their babies and as I watched, one fluffy little bundle of joy ‘fell off’ mum or dad’s back and swam around.

How could anyone say this is an ugly duckling?

Mum and dad were very protective, guiding their bundle of joy away from the edge of the lake, keeping it secure between them and the other birds.

They have more than one, but the other one was asleep and it wasn’t long before this one tired and hitched a ride.


What a Cutie!

Author: Clare

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