Sunshine Coast – Part 2

Wasting Time at Alexandra Headlands

It feels as though we’ve not done anything since driving a little further south more than a week ago, but that’s not really the case.

We’ve been very busy relaxing and doing a few things we’ve not had either the time or the opportunity to do.  I guess that sounds confusing, but as an example, it’s hard to buy a bike when you’re nowhere near a bike shop.

Finally, and better late than never, Dean and I have been bike shopping, which is a lot harder and far more time consuming than it seems when searching for the ‘perfect’ bike.

For those who don’t remember (or weren’t aware), when Dean and I pulled out of Kununurra at the end of February, my beautiful purple bike was destroyed – damaged beyond repair – and surrendered to the refuse tip following a quick memorial service.  (You can read the full story at the bottom of this thought.) 

It was heartbreaking.  Dean had given me that bike for my birthday several years ago, and I even rode it to and from work at one stage.  I’ve enjoyed riding it in many of the places we’ve been on our trip and I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it.

Finally, I have a new bike.  A gift from my wonderful husband for Mother’s Day and, surprise, surprise, it’s NOT purple.

Sadly, I must admit I’ve been lazy (or too busy) and not taken the photos I wanted to.  Stay tuned though because more photos will follow.  In the meantime, here’s a snippet.

Not only is my new bike not purple, it doesn’t have a basket, and I LOVE IT.

There are lots of other things we’ve been doing, but I’ll tell you all about them later.

One of the best things about being so close to home IS being so close to home, and this week I spent a couple of nights in Brisbane with our eldest daughter Kate.  She was thrilled to finally show off her new home, and it was lovely to spend an entire day doing mother/daughter things.

I’ve really missed that.

To all my friends I didn’t have time to see I’m so sorry, but Dean and I will be in Brisbane for a couple of weeks at the end of June and I’ll have more time to catch up with everyone then.

What I did have time to do was see my dear friend Denise and visit my Toastmasters Club to see my other very dear friend Barry.  He was not aware I’d be there and the look on his face when he spotted me was priceless.  I had a lovely evening catching up with everyone and it gave me a (small) taste as to how wonderful it will be to see and catch up with everyone else soon.

Thoughts on Location No 106

Alexandra Headlands, South East Queensland

More than a week we’ve been at the Alex Beach Cabins & Tourist Park and it has been very nice.  Despite being in close proximity to one of the busiest roads on the Sunshine Coast, it has been quiet, far more so than we expected.

Just a short walk away, on the other side of the caravan park, through Nelson Park, (where I photographed the swans the other day) and across the road is the beach.  A surf beach!  Not that that did Dean any good as there has been no surf at all and Dean has been pining for some surf since leaving Margaret River almost six months ago.

Mind you, he’s out there now either catching a wave and thanking the surf gods or sitting on his board and cursing them.

One Final Thought

I shared the following photo on Facebook this morning and simply must share it here also.

Sunrise, Sunshine Coast, Queensland (May 20, 2016)
The best way to start the day – watching the sunrise on the Sunshine Coast

It’s most likely a good contender for Photo of the Week, but I’m sure I’ll find another suitable candidate amid the many, many shots I took this morning.

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  1. One thing I know about you is the moss doesn’t grow under your feet and that’s clear by this blog… welcome back Clare and Dean!!!! great to have you back….cheers D. Fantastic picture…


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