Our New Lot in Life

And About to be All Ours

Long before we’d even started planning our trip, Dean had dreamt about seeing our amazing country and he’d often spoke about pretending to be a couple of grey nomads.

Just before making the decision to drive off into the sunset, I was made redundant by my employer and without hesitation we said – Let’s Go!

The rest is now, as they say, history.

But long before dreaming about it, and (even) just before making the decision and actually doing it, Dean and I had sold our home.  We were intent on buying a new one but, to be perfectly honest, we hadn’t even started looking, at least not in earnest anyway.

What we then did was put our money away for safe keeping, secure in the knowledge that when we returned we’d put it to good use and buy a new home.

Drum roll please . . . . .

And here it is.

Lot 1037 - All Ours
Lot 1037 – All Ours

Ok, I guess I should say, here is where it will be.

Eventually 🙂

I’m a firm believer in fate, in things happening for a reason, and it would seem that Dean and I were meant to be where we were when we were where we were (phew) and are now looking forward to our next big adventure – building a new home on the Sunshine Coast.

We always knew we would be buying something on the Sunshine Coast.  Honestly, we thought we would be buying an established house, but after looking at available real estate, nothing appealed to either of us.  Ok, there are lots of appealing houses out there, but they’re priced way above our price bracket.

Building is something we’ve never done before, it seems very exciting, and customising a floor plan to suit our needs has been keeping us very busy.  Fingers crossed, and all going to plan, we hope to be in our new home before Christmas.

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Author: Clare

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