Photo of the Week

With all the rain and miserable weather we’ve experienced across the last week, getting out and about with a camera has been virtually impossible.  I’ve had to look for something to share and therefore:

This week’s Photo of the Week was NOT taken last week.

(It was taken Wednesday April 27, 2016)

The Blue Tiger Butterfly, also known as the Blue Wanderer Butterfly

Captain James Cook reported seeing masses of blue tiger butterflies as he sailed up the coast of Queensland and, each year during autumn and winter, hundreds of thousands of butterflies can be seen along the Butterfly Walk in the town of 1770.  The blue tiger is a tropical migratory butterfly that generally lives in northern Queensland, but they are also found throughout tropical south-east Asia, in the Philippines, and in Sri Lanka.

We were not lucky enough to see huge numbers of them when we were in 1770, but at one stage as we strolled along the Butterfly Walk, we sat down and simply enjoyed watching the few that were there fluttering about.  They can live for five months or more, and (as with all butterflies) their age is usually determined by the colour and condition of their wings.

I’m guessing this one was still quite young.

Author: Clare

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