Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week was taken Saturday
(July 9, 2016)

Meet Blossom
Meet Blossom

I’m a little late this week, but I have a good reason – Dean and I went on a whale watching cruise yesterday and I was so excited I forgot to publish my post.  Sorry.

There’ll be more about the whale watching later, but in the meantime, above is the promised photo of my new bike “Blossom”.  She’s orange (obviously), a huge upgrade on my old bike, and so much easier to ride due to her innovative design.  Ok, that just means the pedals are a little more forward than normal making it feel (almost) effortless to ride.

I love her!  Can’t you tell?

Author: Clare

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    1. Thank you Sue. I feel as though I’ve been waiting forever to be in exactly the right location to take exactly the ‘right’ photo. 🙂


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