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This week’s Photo of the Week was not taken by me.

It was not even taken in Australia.

Meet Little Nova with her mummy Line
Little Nova with her mummy

Meet little Nova and her mummy Line (pronounced Leena).  Dean and I, and our three girls, were blessed to welcome Line into our family back in 2003.  Line was in Australia on a student exchange program and incredibly unhappy.  Our youngest daughter took Line under her wing at school, and soon after, much to the relief of her parents back in Denmark, Line moved into our home where she stayed for the remainder of her exchange program – a little over nine months.

Line quickly worked her way into our hearts so it was no surprise that she became daughter number four.  Although she lives on the other side of the world, she is never far from our thoughts and still attached to our hearts.

Live and Oliver welcomed their beautiful daughter Nova into the world last Sunday and in her mother’s words she is . . .

“. . . absolutely kissable. 3900 g and 50 cm. short and fat 🙈💕

(For those who prefer imperial measurements, Nova was 8 lb 9½ oz, 19.6 in)

Author: Clare

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  1. What a heart warming story.. seems that “Line”‘, like most new mums is over the moon with the new bundle of joy ….and why not, children not only make the world go round and keep you young at heart (so I’ve been told) ….


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