Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week was not taken last week.
(It was taken the week before.)

Flossy being pensive
Whiskers on kittens

And yet, even though I took this photo on August 20, (2016), I had to share as a follow on from Raindrop on Roses earlier this month.

Meet Flossy, the cat that adopted the house we’re looking after.  I guess she adopted the homeowners also but she hasn’t quite adopted the house sitters just yet.  She does expect to be fed, and sleeps all day on the couch, but won’t come near or let you pick her up.

She can be a little skittish and I’m rather surprised she remained still long enough for me the click.

(I promise I won’t find and brown paper packages tied up with string.)

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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