Mirror, Mirror on the Water

When Dean and I were in Kakadu National Park Cruising Yellow Water Billabong back in March, I was fascinated, and mesmerised, by the reflections on the water.

(No words needed)

It was early morning and the water was so calm and peaceful.  The predawn skies cleared to reveal a beautiful blue and I just kept clicking my camera as the boat slowly moved through the various sections of the billabong.

I took lots of photos that morning, but the following is still my favourite.

I love this :)
I love this  🙂

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge Mirror

14 Replies to “Mirror, Mirror on the Water”

    1. I totally agree Sue, but I’ve so many terrific shots, it’s going to be hard to decide which one’s to use. Perhaps I should create my own little ‘Rhodes Gallery’.


      1. The good thing is you have them all available so when you fail to notice one after a while you can change it for another spectacular shot.


  1. Beautiful captures. It seems the wind is always blowing in Iowa so I seldom get such calm water pictures. You saved the best for last! Good job.


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