Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week was taken Friday.
(October 21, 2016)

Our House - Week 1
Our House – Week 1

I won’t be posting photos of the build each week, just from time to time to provide everyone with an update on how the house is progressing.

I know this photo doesn’t look like much, but it does capture the beginnings of our new home.  Click to enlarge and look closely, the piers and footings are already done and by the end of this week the slab will be poured – Woohoo!!

It was back on June 7 when I wrote about Our New Lot in Life and it’s (almost) difficult to believe that since then it has taken until Monday last week for the building to officially commence.  One building company boasts there are 100 steps to building a house and I believe them.  But equally, there must be just as many to get to the point where the building commences.

Dean and I are so excited this milestone has been reached – finally.

Author: Clare

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    1. Thanx Calen. I hope you can wait for more photos. I’ll be taking one/week, but won’t be posting them at that rate – just every now and then because I’m planning something special for when it’s all finished.


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