I Am Who I Am

I am who I am,
And that’s plain to see.
How could I be anyone,
Other than me?

I am the good wife,
Who does love her man.
Who tells him just so,
Whenever she can.

I am the fun mum,
And that ones for sure.
Just ask all my girls,
They’ll tell you the score.

I am the good friend,
Who loves life a lot.
Who shares her good fortune,
With those who have not.

I am the home cook,
Who does spoil the pot.
Who adds too much salt,
And does that a lot.

I’m the photographer,
Who loves point and click.
Who loves to catch birds,
But has to be quick.

I am the artist,
Who draws with blunt leads.
Who tries to paint flowers,
Lined up in their beds.

I am the writer,
Who tries to be smart.
Who’s friends do now wish,
She’d just stuck to art.

I am who I am,
And that’s plain to see,
There’s nobody else,
More me-er than me.

And now I ask you, who loves Dr Seuss?

In response to Calen’s Sandbox Writing Challenge #60 – Who Am I?

Author: Clare

Ever expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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