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This week’s Photo of the Week was a couple of weeks ago.

This is our life right now
This is our life right now

Back in September, in Where to Next, I wrote about Dean and I laughing because (very soon) we’d be without a roof over our heads, that without the prospect of another house sitting job, and the building of our new home yet to commence, that our near future could possible see us –

“Living out the back of the car!”

In the last four weeks we’ve moved around from house sitting job to house sitting job, and packed and unpacked the car a total of ten times.  Yes, that’s TEN TIMES we’ve put our belongings in the back of car and then taken our belongings out of the back of the car, only to then turn around and put them back in and once again take them back.

Then within a period that right now feels no longer than the time occupied by a heartbeat, repeat that process again, and again, and again.

Guess what?  I’m not laughing any more.

Though I must admit, the house is taking shape and we’ll be in it before we know it.

Author: Clare

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    1. Yes we can, and we are at her place now – for the net two weeks anyway. House sitting closer to where we will be living though allows us to remain in close contact with the builder and see first hand the progress being made. Besides, I (we) don’t want to wear out our welcome (with our daughter).


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