Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week was taken this morning.
(December 5, 2016)

A Lovely Place to Relax
A Pool With a View

After two weeks with our daughter in Brisbane, Dean and I commenced another house sitting job yesterday.

This is a lovely home nestled in the gorgeous Mooloolah Valley, only 20 minutes from where our new home is being built, and featuring its own private Balinese style pool in the back yard, I’ve no doubt we will enjoy relaxing here for the next two weeks.

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge – Relax

11 Replies to “Photo of the Week”

    1. And (believe it or not) Sue, it feels like “About time!” Not that we’ve got too much to complain about, we’ve been very lucky with some houses we’ve been looking after. But I have to say, with the heat at the moment, that pool is getting a good workout.


      1. Just relax and enjoy it while you can. I’ve seen the weather reports for your way and they don’t appeal to me!


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