Lunch at Rick’s Garage

Today marks the last day of our current house sitting assignment and (to celebrate), yesterday we went out for lunch at Rick’s Garage in Palmwoods to say, “Farewell Sunshine Coast” – if only for a little while.

Look at Dean tucking in before I can even take a 'happy snap'
Look at Dean tucking in before I can even take a ‘happy snap’

It was just a short 15-minute drive from where we are in Mooloolah Valley, and well worth that (huge) effort to get there.  Though I must admit, this American style diner was so full of patrons, I thought we wouldn’t get a table.  It was easy to see that this is a very popular place.

Luckily we secured a table upstairs, amid all the Whiskey on offer. (Though we declined to partake of a dram or two – maybe next time.)

Visiting Rick’s Garage was a wonderful treat for lunch, our burgers were amazing, and I thoroughly recommend this little treasure tucked away ‘off the beaten track’.  The diner is full of memorabilia and sitting there was like taking a nostalgic step back in time.  I’m glad we went.

It also meant I didn’t have to cook an evening meal last night.

With the exception of a two-week period at the end of November, Dean and I have been house sitting across the Sunshine Coast (and hinterland) since the end of July.  Today sees us heading back to Brisbane where we will mind two more houses and patiently await the completion of our new home.

I honestly thought our waiting would be over and done with long before now, but, as my favourite saying goes, these things happen.  We are less than a month away from completion, with each day bringing us closer to the finish line.

I just hope we cross that line before I run out of patience.

Author: Clare

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10 thoughts

    1. 🙂 🙂 I well remember those tigers too, swishing and flicking out of the caps. I loved those ads. Back in surburbia now – street lights, traffic, and crows for alarm clocks. I think I much prefer the kookaburras waking me up, but at least looking after my friends house is near enough to feeling like ‘home’.

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    1. My patience certainly is wearing thin, but I’m not losing sight of everything. The two week shutdown over Christmas has been extremely painful but I’ve absolutely no doubt, this wait will be absolutely worth it.

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  1. Pleased that you enjoyed Rick’s We’ve been there a few times and always enjoyed it. I’m sure that your new home will be well worth the wait.


    1. We loved Rick’s and I hope to return one night to get a feel for the ‘night-time’-vibe’ – I’m sure it will be pumping, and our new home will certainly be worth this incredibly painful wait 🙂


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