Getting Closer

What a Difference a Day Makes

Less than 24 hours after the featured image above was taken, the concreting was done.  The driveway, the floor in our patio out the back, and the pad for the water tank (which is now in place and no longer visible from the front), are now completed.

The whole facade has taken on a different look, and I have to say, “It looks good!”

Driveway in place
Driveway in place (That’s the tiler’s offsider working away in the garage)
24 Hours Earlier
24 Hours Earlier – I’m loving those colours

I’m beginning to imagine how it will look with an established garden in front of it.

It would seem it’s not long now before we will be taking possession of our new home.  Perhaps another three or four weeks and this little beauty will be all ours.

All our frustration at playing this waiting game is finally coming to an end as our excitement increases every day, we can see that ‘someday’ will soon be ‘this day’.

Also, here’s a sneak peak of the tiles.

Not finished, but looking fabulous all the same
Not finished, but looking fabulous all the same

Now is definitely the time for patience.

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt – Someday

Author: Clare

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  1. Still impressed as to how tidy the builders are…it all looks lovely….where are you staying in Brissie…want to catch up???


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