Our New Home

It has only taken me two weeks, but finally, I have our new home looking organised enough to take and share photos.  I’ve said all along that I’m not a professional photographer and some of these photos prove that claim beyond any doubt.

At the very least, I feel comfortable enough to share these photos I took yesterday and hope you enjoy them.  I’ll try harder next time.

Welcome to our new home.  Please come on in, through the front door and turn left.

This is where you find the bedroom assigned as a guest room, complete with a fold out sofa bed.  (That glass coffee table belongs int he living room.)  This room will also functions as a quiet space the relax and read a book.

Back out of that area and walk down the hall to the open-plan kitchen, dining and living space.  I’m very proud of that temporary curtain on the sliding door in the dining area.  That sheet has performed that duty at every house we’ve owned.

Looking back towards the front door

Behind the closed door in the kitchen lurks a little treasure I’d only ever dreamed of owning previously – a walk in pantry.  It’s a little bare in the food department but still took me two days to organise.

The home office in dire need of organising

We have another bedroom that serves as a home office.  (And we have a laundry, and two car garage, but I feel confident that no-one wants to see them.)

From here, we enter the master bedroom via another small hall.

Our bedroom overlooks the backyard that will be full of greenery – one day in the not too distant future

Yesterday, my dear friend Yvette said, “Wow!  You could fit a king-sized bed in here no worries and still have plenty of room.”  She laughed when we said that is a king-sized bed.

On the other side of the bed is a door that leads to the ensuite.  This is accessed via a walk-in robe.

It’s tough operating the camera

We have started the landscaping, choosing a cream coloured paver for the (hotter) western side courtyard.  This is just outside the laundry and will one day have a clothes line attached to the fence and be full of potted plants.

Yes, that fence is close and yes my neighbours are close (or at least they will be when their homes are finished and they move in), but we’re ok with that.  We purchased a small block of land in a residential area, not a larger block in a rural area.

The backyard - testing the position of pavers
The backyard – testing the position of pavers

Elsewhere, we’ve opted for a grey paver (though the above photo shows where Dean has been ‘testing’ layouts with cream pavers).  The grey is more in keeping with our exterior colour scheme but to use grey pavers on the western side would only add to the heat reflected into the rooms on that side of the house.   Moving in and commencing the landscaping at the end of (what has felt like) a long, and at times, a hotter than hot summer does have its benefits.  Had the weather been cooler, we may have used grey pavers everywhere and come next summer thought “What have we done!”.  The cream pavers look great in that little courtyard and are already proving to be a great choice as far as the afternoon heat goes.

We’ve had a few feathered friends stop by to say hello.

I heard the fairy-wren singing and although the light wasn’t the best at the time, I’m sure I will get more opportunities to take his photo.  Certainly once I have lots of bird attracting flowering shrubs in the backyard.

The last two weeks have been exhausting, but after we survived ‘flat-pack hell’ and getting my priorities in order, everything else has fallen into place – one step and one day at a time.

Priorities were in order
The first contents of my walk-in pantry – my priorities were in order

It may have taken us a long time to get here but it feels so good to be in our new home.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

14 thoughts

  1. Oh man! I’d die to have a pantry! Why don’t houses include them anymore? Love the color of the tile through out and the open floor plan (though it means I’d sure have to be on my game about doing dishes after supper — I’m used to just putting them in the sink and doing them in the morning after Drollery has gone to work). There’s so much glass and light. Hot in the winter/cold in the summer? What kind of heating do you guys have? She’s a beauty, Clare. You did good, kid! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do love that pantry. As for heating and cooling, we’ve decided we’ll just wait and see. The house is insulated and that helps with keeping the het out in summer and the warmth in during winter so we think we won’t require any heating or cooling appliances. Thankfully we live in a part of our country that (normally) doesn’t get too hot, and nor does it get too cold.

      Liked by 1 person

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