Making Progress

Though far from finished, this past week has seen Dean and I tackle our front garden.

Kevin the ‘Brickie’ called out from where he was working across the street:

“Would you like me to build you a letterbox?”  

After some careful thought, and a little negotiation, we said yes to a rendered letterbox with a surrounding planter box.  I wasn’t home at the time of construction.  This was a big thing for me.  It has always been my job to keep my finger(s) on the pulse, so to speak.  But I needn’t have worried.

Kevin did an amazing job, both with shirt on and (later) with shirt off.

Courtesy of my dear friend Denise, I’ve got a lovely piece of Jade (to match the name of our street) that I can’t wait to plant in that planter box.

While the first coat of render dried, and before Kevin returned to do the second coat, we got stuck into the front garden.  We laid a few pavers, bordered a couple of garden beds, threw down a few rocks, and waited for Kevin’s return.

Left to dry out

What a difference that second coat of render made to the letterbox.  It’s currently the best letterbox in the street (ha, ha).

I think our ‘Taj Ma-Mail’ looks amazing and it will look incredible by the time it’s painted to match the colour scheme of the house and our street number is finally attached.  And it works, the postie has already started using it.

(It will be Monday before it’s thoroughly dried and ready to be painted.)

The only thing left then was to lay down more turf.  Dean took care of spreading out the turf base (soil).  I was out at the time and I say, “Thank goodness!”  My hands still haven’t recovered from the blisters I got spreading turf base in the back garden.  (Yes I know when to go out 🙂 )

As soon as I returned though, this time we hitched up the trailer and headed down the highway to collect the turf as opposed to having it delivered.  It did save us the delivery fee, but not double handling.  When we arrived at the turf farm all the forklifts were off site (in trucks making deliveries) and we had to load the turf into the trailer by hand.

Letterbox, pavers, rocks, garden beds and lawn – Wow!

That was yesterday and I’d like to reiterate, “What a difference it has made!”

But . . . as stunning as the front garden looks, this doesn’t even compare to the total transformation one plant made a couple of hours later.

Thank you for the beautiful Yucca Muriel.  Now all we have to do is get it planted and surround it with more plants.  One step at a time, we are getting there.

Finally, once again, I have to thank Mother Nature for turning on the sprinklers last night and giving the lawn a good soaking.  Sometimes I get my timing just right.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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    1. Hi Calen. The front garden will contain flowers, flowering shrubs, (small) palms and a few Yuccas (because I’ve now received another two from my dear friend Denise. Today I might just tackle painting that letterbox and then I’ll post some more photos. I must admit, I’m thrilled with the results so far, and the grass in the back garden is looking wonderful.


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