Is it Greener on the Other Side?

Dean and I think it couldn’t possibly be greener anywhere else.

Especially when we have this in our own back yard.

Our Lawn – just three weeks old

This is what our lawn looked like the day it was laid. (And before receiving its first drink of water.)

One day old – Photographed March 1, 2017

It’s hard to comprehend how quickly our lawn has established and how wonderfully green it is.  Since the first of the month, we have laid a total of 105 m² (1,130.2 ft²) and appreciate making the (right) decision to select Sir Walter.  And we love that Mother Nature has been turning on the charm.

So far this month, we’ve had more than 220* millimetres of rain.  That’s more than 8½ inches on the old scale and, instead of frantically watering the lawn twice a day, we’ve simply sat back and allowed Mother Nature to do that for us.  Of course, the rain has been interspersed with loads of sunshine allowing the roots to take hold and establishing a perfect carpet of lush greenery.

Yep – We Love Our Lawn

We know where the grass is greener and we also know we’ll have to mow it soon 🙂

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge – It IS Easy Being Green!

* On Saturday night, we had 98 mil of rain in one hour (3.85 inches) due to a huge thunderstorm.

Author: Clare

Ever expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

15 thoughts

  1. “We know where the grass is greener and we also know we’ll have to mow it soon…” LMBO! Well done! I’ve gotta show these pixs to Arn. I think we need to rip our whole yard out and do this. It’s really gorgeous and lush, Clare.


    1. I thought you’d like that 🙂 There are a few things that I really wanted in our garden and gorgeous much grass was on the top of my list. I’m so pleased we were able to get it laid in time for Mother Nature to do her thing. Hopefully the turf we laid this week takes off as successfully as the first patch.


    1. Thank Sue. With all the predicted rain I think we chose the perfect time to get the lawn laid. Most days the clouds cry, but with those tears interspersed with blue skies and sunshine, all we are doing (now) is sitting back and watching it grow 🙂


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