I Spy With My Little Eye

Something beginning with ‘Green’.

Our New House Guest

He’s no bigger than the size of my thumb (no, I don’t have huge hands), and he is so cute.  He’s taken up residence on the leaves of my frangipani tree, a perfectly camouflaged location.  I almost didn’t see him and in fact, we forgot he was there when we repotted the tree.

We’d all but turned the tree upside down, rolling it around on the ground, squashing the pot it was in in an attempt to loosen the roots and soil and remove it from its ‘all too small’ container.  Finally, we stood it back upright, yanked it out, plonked it into the new pot, gave it a good drink of water and stood back admiring how lovely it looked in the new pot. I felt a pang of sadness two hours later when I remembered the little

I felt a pang of sadness two hours later when I remembered the little green tree frog.  Panic ensued – what had we done?  I rushed out to look at the leaves, desperate to see those gorgeous golden eyes looking back at me.

There he was, asleep beneath the canopy created by an overhead leaf.

– ⋅ o ♥ o ⋅ –

He made me think of another green tree frog we loved once – half a lifetime ago – when our girls were little and we lived in Townsville*.  This frog though wasn’t a juvenile.  He was a fully grow adult, large enough to almost fill a breakfast bowl and he lived amid the greenery beneath the pergola just outside the dining room door.  Perhaps due to his size, he was, in fact, a she as females can grow to be larger than males.  She came inside the house once and was none too happy with me shooing her out with the broom.

She kept the insects at bay and sang non-stop whenever it rained.  We loved her and so did our girls, so much so, that when we bought our first house, we didn’t have the heart to leave her where she was in the backyard of that rental property and therefore, we took her with us.  Our first home had more greenery under a much larger pergola where a little bridge crossed a water feature.  We thought she’d love that area, and we were right – she did.

Sadly though, when we sold that house and moved to Brisbane, we left her behind.  Having introduced her to the new owners, we hoped they’d love her as much as we had.

Perhaps now we have a new green tree frog to call our pet.  I hope certainly hope so.

* At the time, green tree frogs were not common in Townsville due to the ever-expanding population of the cane toad – a species of toad that became an absolute pest after being introduced in 1953 to control destructive beetles in North Queensland’s sugarcane crops – so it was a delight to have one (a rather large, old one) as a ‘pet’.

Author: Clare

Ever expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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