The Finished Taj Ma Mail

Finally yesterday I finished our letterbox.  Having waited two weeks for the rain to stop and the Taj Ma Mail to dry out just so I could paint it, I then had to wait for the rain to ease off again before glueing on our house number.

And the end result?

Lucky No 21 complete with Jade in the planter box and colours that match the house

I think it looks amazing – complete with morning shadows.

I love these big bold numbers – everyone will be able to find us
Yep – This feels like home

We’ve also all but completed landscaping the front yard.  There is only one small section on the right to do when the builders on that side remove their temporary fencing.  The turf has taken very nicely and we’ve managed to plant a few palms and assorted plants in the front garden bed.  I think it’s going to take me some time to fill it up.  With the letterbox painted, we’ve also been able to finish the pavers that welcome visitors to the front door.  We’ve even had security screens and a gate installed and are finally starting to feel comfortable and secure in our lovely new home.

Because we are still surrounded by contractors on all sides, I like to think we are a little oasis in the middle of this construction war zone with tradies* coming and going all hours of the day and even on weekends.  I’ve even learnt some new descriptive words to use when things go wrong or not the way you expected them to, but Dean has told me those words belong to tradies and I’m not allowed to use them – EVER!

Upcycled vertical garden brackets – $5

Dean has done an incredible job around the yard.  He even installed a vertical garden outside the dining room for me.

There’s nothing in it yet, but I have started propagating a few veggies and herbs and hope to have them growing and flourishing soon.

I can hardly wait – home grow lettuce, tomatoes, basil, shallots and lots of other herbs and spices.  Perhaps even some hot chilies.

Can you guess what these vertical garden brackets used to be?*

* Tradie – a tradesman or tradeswoman.

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