Raindrop Reflections

I thought if I got in close enough, I would be able to capture a reflection of myself photographing raindrops in the garden.  This was not the case.

What I did capture though, was the plants beauty reflecting back at me and this image of the raindrops on my grevillea is (by far) my favourite.

Raindrops on My Grevillea


In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge Reflecting

16 Replies to “Raindrop Reflections”

  1. Your grevillea pics are just stunning! I accidentally photographed a raindrop a couple of weeks ago and was absolutely astonished by the reflection when I zoomed in. I would like to start a little project on raindrops, I think. It reminds me of looking into a snow globe – a little encapsulated world no one can touch!

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        1. Now that I’ve had time to sit at my computer, I can thank you properly Lucy – Thank you for your kind words.


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