Dewdrop Diamonds

Fast, fleeting, and more

Than ephemeral beauty.

Dewdrop diamond dust.

Diamond encrusted daylily leaf

I know it was only a two weeks ago that I posted the photos of Raindrop Reflections, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to grab my camera and capture these dewdrop diamonds encrusting the leaf of this daylily.  The plant was given to me and I don’t even know what this daylily looks like, something evanescent I guess, just like these drops of dew.

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge Evanescent

10 Replies to “Dewdrop Diamonds”

  1. Beautiful Clare it’s often the little things that put a smile on our dial or the warmth in our heart – keep up the good work D


  2. Beautiful shot Mum!! I can imagine how lovely it must have been in the morning sun! xx


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