Another Parmigiana at the Bellvista Tavern

After the last meal we enjoyed at our local tavern I’d said we would return on a Monday night to try their ‘Snitty Special’.  This special consists of a chicken schnitzel with your choice of topper, served with salad and chips for only $15.

Surely it couldn’t be as good as the item on the regular menu.

There were four toppers to choose from.  I chose the BBQ Meat Lovers, Dean chose the Mad Mex.  For the life of me, I cannot remember what the other toppers are, but I’ll remedy that next time we visit – and there will be a next time.

Chicken Schnitzel with “BBQ Meat Lovers” Topper

Bellvista Tavern, Caloundra West

A 250 gram free range chicken breast, prepared and crumbed in-house, with ham, bacon and cheese and barbeque sauce.

The schnitzel was amazing and just as good as the one I’d enjoyed a month ago.  It was juicy and tender, with a crisp and crunchy crust of crumbs that caused me to elicit an “OMG” once again as I took my first mouthful.

It was nothing less than the regular menu item and a pleasure to know that $15 doesn’t get you an inferior meal.  I did think it was too much for me and did eventually share some with Dean.

Rating: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10

I’m guessing the sauce was nothing special, just plain old garden variety BBQ sauce available on the shelf at any supermarket.  I apologise right now if it was something more than that.  In with the sauce was ham and crunchy bits of bacon and although it looks overcooked in my photo – it wasn’t.

The sauce lived up to my expectations.  It was spicy, it was BBQ’ey, and it was gooey and more than appropriate given the name of the topper.  There was not too much, nor was there too little.  It was just the right amount to make my parmigiana taste like a meat lovers pizza*, and I did give Dean a taste just to make sure I wasn’t imagining this.

Rating: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 -9 – 10

Dean’s Mad Mex.  (Not the best photo.) I misread this as Mad Max and our waiter Marty thought that was hilarious.

The salad was also amazing and a huge improvement on a scoop of coleslaw.  Although you can see it was devoid of tomato, that’s because tomatoes are so expensive at the moment.  I’d have been very surprised had there been tomato in the salad.  What it did consist of was fresh, sweet mesclun leaves, cucumber, carrot and a little drizzle of dressing – perfect.

The chips were just as previous – hot, fresh, and crispy.  Again lacking in salt, but I remedied that straight away.  When someone gets chips so right, it’s hard to believe how others can get them so wrong.

Rating: 1 – 2 – 3 – 45 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10

Rating Overall

At $15, this meal was everything you’d expect from the regular menu.  In fact, it was better.  I asked our waiter Marty if they had changed from using coleslaw and he said no, that coleslaw is used on the regular menu and the fresh salads on the special menus.  That is a shame because the salad was far superior to the coleslaw.

No matter how good the rest of the meal is though, if the chicken schnitzel doesn’t live up to its name, the entire meal is ruined and a waste of money.  After all, you don’t order a steak to enjoy the side dishes.  The chef(s) at the Bellvista Tavern certainly know how to make a spectacular chicken schnitzel and Dean and I WILL be returning to try the other toppers on the menu.

I gave this Chicken Parmigiana 10/10 and that’s a first for me.  It is now sitting in the No 1 spot on My Parmigiana Richter Scale that measures the meals’ magnitude of mouth-watering goodness, bumping Dicky Beach SLSC off their perch.

This meal deserves a “Don’t Drive Past” rating and I’m so glad we live where we do and can easily ‘pop around the corner’ to enjoy my favourite meal, cooked to perfection, for $15 on a Monday night.

* Speaking of meat lovers pizza, I never really thought about ‘what’ a traditional chicken parmigiana was until Alec Baldwin featured in an ad on TV for Latitude Personal Loans.

Yes, Alec made me laugh, but not as much as Dean did when he asked:
“What is that bloke eating?”

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