Thirty Questions

Ever wanted to know a little more about who I am?  Look no further, and read on.  

I’m following the lead of my blogging friend Calen (over at Impromptu Promptlings) and, considering that lately I’m struggling to blog with more consistency, even though I’m busy job hunting, I thought it would be fun to take up the “Thirty Questions” Challenge.

Spoiler Alert!!  The following blog article may contain too much information 🙂

What did you want to be when you were a kid?  I wanted to be a nurse and help people, especially those who were sick.  In my generation, nursing was ‘the’ career of choice for young women.  But I’m glad I didn’t go down that road as I’ve discovered I’m very squeamish when it comes to blood and all things blood related.

Which Friends character do you relate to most?  Why?  I can relate to all of them, but if I have to choose just one, then I choose Phoebe, the ‘friend’ who is mostly considered to be different, and I think that’s me all over.

Do you like your name?  Why?  Yes, I do like my name.  Growing up it was unique and in all the years I spent at school, there was only ever myself and one other Clare, but she didn’t spell her name correctly, so I was still the only Clare.  I’m so glad my mother changed my name when I was three (or five) days old.  Clare suits me perfectly, but Carmel?  I’m definitely not a Carmel.

Are you neat or messy?  To quote my dear friend Homer (Simpson) I’m “a little from Column A, and a little from Column B”.  Ok, I’m more from Column A as I prefer to be neat and tidy.  Everything has its place and everything should be in its place, so you know where to find it next time you need it.  But I can be untidy at times.  My study/home office needs a little shakedown right now for example.

How tall are you?  I always thought I was 170 cm (just short of 5’7″), but recently my height was measured at 168 cm (a little over 5’6″).  Yes, I’ve started to shrink my way back to my childhood.

How tall were you when you were ten?  I have no idea, but my best guess would be the average for girls at that age.  (137 cm – 4’6″)  I’m a very average person, except when it comes to . . . I’ll hold that thought for now.

What is your guilty pleasure?  Everything!  No wait, I’ve reached an age where I no longer feel guilty about anything I enjoy or indulge in, and I can overindulge in many things.  Nutella straight off the blade of a knife springs to mind.  (I don’t buy Nutella very often.)

What are you saving money for now?  Nothing.  You can’t save what you don’t have.  But I am looking for a job that will allow me to save for our next big adventure.

How many Pringles can you eat at once?  I have no idea because I don’t eat them.

Tea or coffee?  Coffee is my drink of choice and after years of not drinking it after midday to avoid staying awake all night, I’ve recently discovered I can enjoy a cup right up until late afternoon (around 5:30 pm).  This, however, is contingent upon me making it at home.  I’ve given up buying coffee from a cafe, even if I ask for it weak, it’s still too strong for my liking.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?  I can be very introverted at times, and a lot of my friends will be very surprised by that.  I hide it very well when I’m playing at being an extrovert.

What will be your Hallowe’en costume this year?  Nothing!  I’ve not caught this bug.

Sweet or salty?  Again, a little from Column A, and a little from Column B.  Both occupy a place of worship within my soul.  I love salt sprinkled over tomatoes and eggs and potatoes, and adore anything sweet, particularly anything from Ferrero.  (Again with the Nutella.)

Favourite social media?  WordPress and blogging of course.

Who is the last person you kissed?  Dean, just a few minutes ago.  He’s so lucky!

What is your favourite breakfast?  I’d have to say pancakes.  Just as I enjoy Chicken Parmigiana when we dine out at night, when we dine out for breakfast it’s pancakes all the way, with berry compote and maple syrup and cream and ice-cream.  Yes, it’s an indulgence – just as well we eat breakfast at home at least 30 days a month.

When is your birthday?  Just around the corner, and Dean’s is the day after mine and in over 30 years, he’s only forgotten my birthday once.  In all fairness, he also forgot his.

When did you start your blog?  On my birthday in 2014.  When I was told my position was becoming redundant at work, Dean and I decided we’d go on a trip around Australia.  Blogging was my way of keeping in touch and letting family and friends know where we were and what we were doing.  Having finished that trip just on a year ago, here I am still blogging and still loving it.

What is your opinion on the Kardashians?  First of all, Kardashian is spelt with a C – Cardassians – and they are a dominating and aggressive species of humanoids from Cardassia Prime in the Alpha Quadrant.  (AKA some bad dudes on Star Trek.)  I guess that constitutes an opinion.

How would you describe your style?  Eclectic, budget conscience, clean, and ill-fitting.

What colour is your hair?  Dean would say grey, but I say (extra) light golden blonde that gets a touch up every now and then.  At the moment it’s in need of that touch-up.  “Dean, guess what you’re doing later on today?”  (Yes, my husband colours my hair.)

What colour socks are you wearing?  It’s cold this morning and my feet are still inside my ugg boots.  If they count as socks, then my socks are purple.

What is your dream job?  At the moment, anything.  This job hunting exercise is proving to be harder than I thought it would be.

Dogs or cats?  There is something very alluring about a cat.  I’d love to have a tortoiseshell Maine Coon, one slightly smaller than a lion.  Dean and I do not have an animal in our lives right now, although we have had dogs and cats and birds and fish in the past.

What makes you weird?  Every nerve and muscle fibre of my being.

Celebrity crush?  There are too many to mention.

Opinion on cigarettes?  I hate them.  I hate what they did to me and how I was addicted to them all those years.  I’m so glad I was able to exorcise that demon almost nine years ago now.

Do you want/have any children?  Dean and I have three beautiful daughters. Wanted – absolutely.

Three favourite boy’s names.  Michael, Matthew, and James.

Three favourite girl’s names.  Kathryn, Michelle, and Melissa.

Okay, your turn!  No, you don’t have to answer all of the questions, just pick one (or two) and leave me your responses in the comments section below.

Author: Clare

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  1. A tortoiseshell Maine Coon! Good grief, woman. They can get pretty dern big. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a calico one. Tortoiseshell would fall under that category, I think. Btw, Arn does my hair and nails, and the other day he clipped a piece of chin hair. Now THAT was a first! This set of 30 questions was worth answering just to read everyone’s comments on the Kardashians. LMBO!


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