Three Years On

If you’d have asked me three years ago where I’d be today, I’m sure my answer then would have been vastly different to what I’m about to say now.

Three years ago today, August 2, 2014, was the day I became Footloose and Fancy Free.  The day I became de-shackled from the daily grind and free to do as I please, and no longer under any obligation to anyone who compensates me for my time, my talents and my technical skills.

What an incredible journey Dean and I had as we embarked upon our trip of a lifetime around Australia, how lucky we were to secure a suitable block of land upon our return, and how wonderful that we found an amazing construction company to build us our new home.

It seems unfair to summarise the last three years in above sentence.  They were so much more than that, and yet, in a nutshell, that’s exactly what they were.

Of late, I’ve loved planning and planting out our new garden, and just for fun, here’s a photo of the first bottle brush on the bush I planted out the front.  I took this photo on June 23, and not long after, this solitary flower withered and died.

My Bottle Brush – Another Native

This afternoon while watering the garden, I noticed the bush is loaded with masses of flower buds and I guess it with spring into life very soon.  Bottlebrushes and Grevilleas go so well together.

Winter is almost over here, (unlike in Westeros) and most of the plants are emerging from their dormant period.  The ferns are full of shoots, the lime tree is full of little baby limes, I’ve vines full of little green tomatoes, and we’ve already eaten our first home grown salad.  I’ve noticed new flower buds and lots of new growth on many of the plants I’ve acquired.

I am looking forward to sharing photos of my garden in Spring.  Not long now.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

4 thoughts

  1. I see we have ANOTHER GoT fan! Alright!!! Yes, it was an amazing journey. Now what are you going to do about it? As to writing and cataloging, I mean? A book? A travel journal?


    1. I feel like I’m the original GoT fan as I read the books long before the TV series was made and loved the story of these venomous, throne hungry, blood thirsty ‘houses’ and all the twisted sub plots strangling the life out of everyone else. (Still eagerly awaiting the “Winds of Winter”). As for what I’m going to do about the posts that belong to our trip, I’m not sure. Perhaps (one day) I’ll sort through it and organised it into a book.


    1. Thanx Sue, the red will look amazing against the white panel of the front wall. I’ve been jealous of the cold you’ve been experiencing and although it has been cool enough here in the early mornings, you can still lie on the beach and get a tan through the day 🙂


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