Too Many To Pick One

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge asks you to ” . . . share an image of your happy place, a secret spot you love, or a faraway location you return to again and again.”

That’s easy, I thought, it’s my garden.

But then I thought some more and realised I have several places I consider my favourites, not because I return to them over and over, but because I’ve had the privilege to visit them once.

Dean and I spent almost two years travelling around Australia in a caravan – our ‘mini home’ – and we’d do it all over again in heartbeat.

If you’d like to see more photos of the places we visited, pop over to my Photography page, it contains hundreds of incredible images I took of this amazing country we are blessed to call home.

It’s our favourite place.

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge – Favorite Place




10 Replies to “Too Many To Pick One”

  1. My husband and I spent 7 weeks in Australia and still felt we’d only scratched the surface. Your photos prove it! Beautiful set.


    1. It’s hard to believe we were in Kakadu National Park just on two years ago now, and I love that picture too.


  2. This collection of photos does a great job of showing off your country! I can’t pick a single favorite place either. There are so many that are special for different reasons.


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