Another Blue Moon

I think my efforts with my camera last night, while rather unsteady, actually turned out to be not so bad.

Blue Moon, 6:38 pm, March 31, 2018

It was a little difficult holding the camera, and even more arduous holding it still while zooming and clicking, but I was determined to get at least one good shot before the Moon slipped behind the clouds.

With a little over a week to go with my right arm in plaster, (finally) I am starting to regaining the use of my fingers.  It’s still taxing, and sometimes painful – especially if I put my arm in a slightly awkward position – but how could I not capture an image of the last blue moon we’ll see until Oct 31, 2020.

(I know knowing this makes me such a lunatic.)

And for all my efforts last night, I think I managed two semi-reasonable shots.  The one above, taken less than an hour after moonrise, and the one below taken a little over two hours later when the clouds decided to clear – only momentarily, I must add, as the rain has been on and off all night.

Zoomed in as far as possible at 9:00 pm

Though a little fuzzy, it’s the best of a bad bunch.

However . . .

Looking a little closer at the entire group of images I took, there’s also this one.

This one’s a fraud – My April Fools’ Moon

Highly edited with less exposure, less brightness, additional contrast, and a little tweaking on every available adjustment.  Yep – this one is a fraud.

With the exception of the occasional cropping to straighten the subject, I don’t like to edit the photos I choose to share, hence my belief that the above image is the result of deceit – deception no less.

Having said that, My April Fools’ Moon does a good job of highlighting the details of the Moon’s surface.

As is usually the case with a lunatic like me, I was thrilled I got to see the Blue Moon last night.  While gazing up, I struggled with my camera for the first time in more than five weeks and managed to take 14 photos, three of which aren’t completely terrible.  I guess a 21% success rate isn’t bad going with a broken arm.

Did you get to see the blue moon last night?


Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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    1. It pleases me that my little blog brings you joy, and knowing that put a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much for sharing that link. I’ve just finished watching it and it’s now 6:25 am on Monday morning – such a wonderful way to start my day/week. Thank you 🙂


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