That Loved Feeling

It’s hard to say what makes me feel loved.  

It’s hard for me to say it succinctly that is, but I’ll try.

Holding hands – no matter who’s looking.

Stolen flowers* – and a card in the mail.

Little emoji hearts – little emoji hearts with stars.

Those two words – Thank you.

The other two words – I’ll help.

The children we had – and those we didn’t.

Sugar in my coffee – honey in my tea.

A glass of wine – and a piece of your chocolate.

That smirk on your face – it says it all.

A kiss on the cheek – and a hug from the heart.

Two little words – always at the bottom of handwritten notes:

Love Ya!

It’s all I need to shine, or glitter, or glow brightly.

In response to the Sandbox Writing Challenge – What Makes You Feel Loved

* On our first Valentines day,

Dean raided his neighbourhood,

gathering enough flowers to make a (small) bouquet,

and left them at my front door. 

Also in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt – Radiant



6 Replies to “That Loved Feeling”

  1. What a wonderful picture of the two of you! And I echo everything you said. Especially the “I’ll help” one. I don’t get enough of that around here, even considering the difficulties with the MG. (Oh no! On the edge of a bitch fest here. Better quit while I’m ahead! 😦 )


    1. I should have added, “Let me do that!” That’s the main theme lately – but only one week to go in plaster now and it will be “Can’t you do it?” (I am joking)


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