The Next Step

I’ve been plaster free for the last three days, but this has only meant going from one stage of recovery to another.

My broken bone has healed, but 6½ weeks of immobilisation has taken its toll and I’ve very little movement in my hand and wrist.  Queue the next step, the ‘physiotherapy stage’ and a state of affairs that has completely disrupted all my carefully laid plans.

I can’t believe how naive I am.

I thought once my plaster came off I would be able to brush my teeth and comb my hair.  I thought I would go back to dressing myself – you know, doing up my bra like a big girl – and that I’d be able to reclaim my kitchen and cook dinner.  I can’t even pick up a sharp knife let alone slice and dice anything.

I thought I’d be able to drive the car!

Sadly, I won’t be doing any of those things just yet.

How could I have not known that regaining the use of my hand/wrist would entail at least six weeks of intense retraining?  And my first physio appointment isn’t until Thursday next week!  (Grrr)

In the meantime, say hello to my little friend Smiley the Stress Ball.

OMG! Those nails need some attention.

I barely make an indent when I squeeze as hard as I can but I like to think doing so is helping in some small way and I’ll be very pleased when I can squeeze him as hard with my right hand as I currently can do with my left.

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Author: Clare

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    1. I don’t recall any similar fear after I broke my leg when I was six. Funny isn’t it? I’m getting there though, albeit slowly, I washed my hair with two hands this morning 😊

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