Pretty Poinsettias and More

I’ve now not one – not two – but three very pretty Poinsettias and all of them are currently in flower.  I just love the effect the cold weather has on my plants.

Pretty Pink – still blooming and complete with spider

Yellow – still blooming

Double Red – almost finished blooming

I also have Anthuriums blooming.  A year-round treat.

What a beauty

And another winter flowering plant about to burst into colour – Zygocactus.

Not sure what colour this one will be – Pink maybe?

I have six little Zygocactus all full of buds and I guess I’ll know what their colours are soon enough.

I’ll be sure to share some photos when their flowers open up.


  1. Clare not only are the plants and blooms fantastic but the photography is amazing too. Green thumbs and a photographic eye – what a great look! 🙂



    1. Thanx Marilyn 🙂 I’ve decided, should I be lucky enough to receive a tax refund this year, I’m going to shout myself a new camera and delve further into this particular form of art.



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