I couldn’t resist this Daily Prompt from WordPress.


For the past 18 months, my friend Tracey has been calling me her Doppelgänger, nay, she has been telling anyone and everyone, at every opportunity, that I’m her ‘little Doppelgänger’.  And whilst you may have almost choked – or giggled – over the word ‘little’, I can almost hear you saying “You look nothing alike”, and that’s true.

Tracey has straight hair while mine is a force unto itself, doing as it pleases 24/7.

Look at my unruly hair – how can my hair compete with those well-behaved tresses?

I’m at least half a head taller than she is.

Making Tracey a bit of a pocket-rocket and me a towering lug.

With another friend Lorraine and Sue making faces in the background

I’m often quite serious, and Tracey isn’t – she’ll reprimand me for saying that 🙂

Here she is accepting a ‘friends payment’ 🙂 🙂

Tracey is never backwards in coming forwards,

while I often skirt around what I’m trying to say.

With Lorraine and Dianne and again with the unruly hair

I can be quite, often retrospective with my thoughts before opening my mouth.

Tracey – well, I’ll leave that one alone – she might read this 🙂 (ha, ha)

This photo was taken just two nights ago

Despite all of that, they say opposites attract.  Perhaps we are a juxtaposition example of that, perhaps we’re not.  But it is our differences that make us friends and we do have one main thing in common.

We both love Toastmasters, we love writing and delivering speeches, we love helping others along their journey of self-development in communication and leadership skills, and we have worked tirelessly together over the past 12 months, visiting clubs, supporting them as best we can, and doing all sorts of ‘Toastmaster things’ together.

That we have also started a new Toastmasters club in that time has been an amazing accomplishment and an incredible journey we have been on together.

We may not be true doppelgängers, but we are Toastmaster Doppelgängers.

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt – Doppelgänger

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