My All Time Favourite

It could be hard to pick one photograph and deem it my favourite.  Funny that I said there were Too Many to Pick One in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge – Favorite Place and all of those photos I shared back in March are favourites.  I could easily have picked any one of them.

However, in the final edition of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, the Daily Post staff contributors have shared their favourite photos and invited users to do the same.  Immediately (at least in my head anyway) I was back on Dicky Beach where I stood on a cold June morning in 2016.  With a bit of cloud about and the tide low, the wet sand reflected a myriad of colours flooding the sky as the Sun crept over the horizon.  The scene was breathtakingly beautiful as I stood there all by myself photographing the sunrise unfolding before me.

I took lots of photos that morning but one stands head and shoulders above the crowd.  To say I love this photo is an understatement.  I can barely believe I captured the essence of the moment as perfectly as I did.

Sunrise, Dicky Beach, June 11, 2016

Beyond my all time favourite, I thought I’d also share a few other shots I took that morning.  It still amazes me how the colours changed in the time I stood there.

As I walked over the bridge to the pathway down to the beach
Snapped as the water receded
Again – My all time favourite
That little rock left of centre is all that remains of the SS Dicky, stranded in February 1893.
The Sun finally peeking over the horizon

It only took 10 minutes for the Sun to meet me on the beach that morning, but the experience will remain with me for a long time.

I felt like I was the only person on Earth, and that incredible scene was all mine.

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge – All Time Favorites

Now that WordPress have bought their Photo Challenges to a close, I’m not sure what I’ll do.  Perhaps I’ll make up my own. 

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