Magnificent Mars

Look up into the night sky at the moment and, providing there are no clouds to obstruct your view, it will be hard to miss seeing Mars, which is currently nearing its closest approach to Earth in almost 15 years and looking resplendently bright.

Rising approx. two hours after the Moon last night, Mars was clearly visible.  I’ve been watching it for a few nights as it moves towards opposition in the early hours of Saturday morning when will also be at its brightest since it made its closest approach to Earth in almost 60,000 years back in 2003*.

Naturally, I had to aim my camera skyward and click.  I’m surprised I was able to capture something, let alone the orange glow emanating from the planet.

Not bad for a point ‘n click camera – max digital and optical zoom

So go and step outside and look up.

Mars is currently big and beautiful and shining with a dazzling yellow-orange glow and hard to miss with the naked eye.

And no, I couldn’t step outside – at night – and not photograph my dear old friend although it was almost directly overhead and I struggled to get it into focus.

The Moon, July 25, 2018 – big and bright and beautiful and near full.

As Mars reaches opposition in the wee hours of Saturday morning, one of the longest lunar eclipses will take place, and the last one we’ll see in Australia until May 2021.  For people on Australia’s east coast, the lunar eclipse will begin at about 3.15 am with the total eclipse starting at 5.30 am (AEST) and, during the eclipse, Mars will be situated about a half-dozen degrees below the Moon. 

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Author: Clare

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