Just A Tired Little Bat

With flowers appearing on my Black Bat Plant, I’m delighted to be enjoying these blooms so early on in their flowering season.  One flower has finished blooming already is all but completely dead.

Another is about to open. 

But this is a tired little bat, unable to hold its own head up . . . so it’s resting on a nearby leaf.

This is just too cute 🙂

I think it got there one day when I’d forgot to water the plants.  It has been rather hot, and neglecting my plants is something I don’t do often. On that particular day, when all the plants were feeling the heat, I noticed the entire bat plant was drooping, begging for a drink, and in the process, the flower was also drooping – right onto the leaf.

“Growing is such hard work!”

Thankfully, this plant responds to water almost immediately.  I believe if you stand there looking at it long enough, you’d witness the leaves standing to attention and, although the flower didn’t/doesn’t respond quite as well or as quickly, it’s still quite healthy, albeit a little droopy.

Oh dear

I’m not sure what I’ll do when it opens fully – perhaps I’ll need to hoist it up in a little sling 🙂

If you want to see what this flower will look like, have a look at these two posts from last year:

My Black Bat Flower

The Great Bat Reveal

Author: Clare

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