Pretty Flowers

My Mother’s Day flowers from our youngest daughter are still adorning my kitchen bench and brightening my day.

I don’t get flowers often, so it was lovely to receive them even though they are not quite as lovely as spending Mother’s Day with her.  She lives in Melbourne, a two-hour flight away, and Dean and I were delighted she spent a few days with us at the end of a business trip to Brisbane.

Author: Clare

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8 thoughts

  1. So glad they are still thriving, Mama Bear! It was SO NICE seeing you for Mother’s Day and spending time with you and Dad. Miss you so much!! Love you xxx

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    1. It was such a great day, Melissa, and I loved having you here. The fact it was Mother’s Day was just a bonus. I can hardly wait for Christmas in Melbourne.


  2. Clare after a rather horrible week of despairing of the lack of effective, caring and compassionate communication today, your key message gave me hope. Nothing replaces a visit or a “let’s pick up the phone and call”! I valued every phone call I received on Mother’s day from our children and will continue to do so. You have made me realise that there are those who care and that some people will hide behind emails and texts to send (not communicate) a message.

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    1. Oh 💜 thank you Lesley. I can echo your thoughts and always strive to communicate honestly and with honesty and prefer to pick up the phone if face to face isn’t possible.


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