The Dish

This is the CSIRO Parkes Observatory, one of three tracking stations tasked with transmitting the live telecast of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon.

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The other two tracking stations were the Goldstone Observatory in California and the Honeysuckle Creek station in Canberra, Australia (now-decommissioned).

The Dish (2000) is also a fabulous Australian film about the part Australia played in broadcasting ‘history’ around the world 50 years ago.

Ok, so some of the film is fictional – the names, the power failure – but the story is real and although the first images of Neil Armstrong’s historic step were relayed from Honeysuckle Creek, the quality of the transmission from Parkes was so superior, NASA stayed with the signal from “The Dish”.

Not bad for a radio telescope situated in the middle of a sheep farm.

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There have been some big anniversary celebrations in Parkes this year.

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This is my next entry in my Blue Moon Squares as part of Becky’s ‘Blue’ Square in July photo challenge.

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  1. I was at The Dish on Sunday for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo moon landing. They recreated the moment that they acquired the signal for the first moonwalk. It was fantastic and the kids seemed to enjoy it too. There was plenty for them to do and lots of free stuff for them (stickers colouring books etc) so they had fun. I’m going to have to pull out my DVD of the moon landing and watch it through (I have the raw footage – every moonwalk minute).
    Excellent day out.

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    1. Oh wow Nathan. I’m feeling so jealous right now – not really. Envious yes, not jealous. I have added The Dish to my new bucket list for the next time we travel around Australia. There’s a link on my previous post to the (restored) original footage on YouTube. I have really enjoyed watching every moonwalk minute of it.

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