All the Other Things

While the entire month of October was dedicated to participating in Becky’s Lines & Squares photo challenge, there were other things going on as well.

And it’s hard to believe Becky’s challenge finished 21 days ago and, although I feel like I’ve been in limbo since, here’s a list of all the other things I’ve been doing:

  • Working, because there’s been no instance of a pot of gold magically appearing in my garden and I need money to buy plants, and fertiliser, and pots and … you get my drift.
  • Actually, working involves running a business.  Dean and I work for ourselves and I do all the ‘office work’ that’s involved and that takes time.  Sometimes lots of time.
  • Spending time with our eldest daughter Kate, because we like to do that 🙂
  • Watering my garden, because there’s been no rain for my plants to sustain themselves.
  • Buying more plants – Refer to item No 1.
  • Working.
  • Repotting plants – Again, refer to item No 1.
  • Visiting my Dad.  This was a big one, taking time off work and flying to North Queensland, hiring a car and driving up to Atherton where he lives, spending three precious days with him before turning around and travelling home.
  • Toastmasters, because I like to.
  • Working.
  • Competing in Toastmaster’s speech contests.  This year I placed second and I’ve already started working on my speech for next year.
  • Repairing links on my blog.  Throughout the course of October, and mainly due to the weekly reviews I wrote, I discovered links that didn’t update correctly (or automatically) when I changed my blog address more than a year ago.  These had to be repaired and it took some time to work through all of them.
  • Working.
  • I extended my verticle garden by way of more (cheap) rails – alas, all that work was quickly undone by Sunday’s hail storm.
  • Delighting in a new flower blooming in my garden – See Something New.
  • Lots of other things for Toastmasters, because I like to.
  • Working.

I’ve agonised over not posting on my blog, but sometimes it has to take a back seat to everything else.  Yes, both Dean and I have been busy working and, over the next few weeks, I feel I’m going to be equally as busy salvaging my garden.  I’ve been too upset about it to even start the cleanup (besides, I’ve also been busy working and can’t be in two places at once).

Thank goodness I’m such a die-hard when it comes to photographing my garden and I have lots (and lots) of photos of the plants and blooms.

This one for example that I took of the Epiphyllum my friend Coral gave me.

This photo was taken on October 15.

🙂 Coral’s Flower keeps getting better and better and, although it only blooms once a year, this year it put on a wonderful show with several flowers and I’m sure it’s hardy enough to spring back for next year.

Author: Clare

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    1. Thank you, Nancy 🙂 I did start cleaning up this morning, but got too sad and stopped after about an hour. I can see this is going to be a mammoth job that may require the acquisition of new ‘green babies’.

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