This Disaster Continues

What’s happening in our beautiful country right now is devastating.

RFS volunteers and NSW Fire and Rescue officers fight a bushfire encroaching on properties near Termeil on the Princes Highway between Batemans Bay and Ulladulla. Image Source

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And now there’s a new threat adding to these horrendous conditions.

Pyrocumulonimbus clouds.

Officially known as flammagenitus, but more commonly known as pyrocumulonimbus, they are thunderstorms formed in the smoke plume created by a fire, a nuclear bomb blast, or in a volcanic ash cloud.

East Gippsland, Victoria. Image Source
Another view of East Gippsland, Victoria yesterday. Image Source
Image Source (Facebook: Jodie Wilkinson)

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These large, intense fires are creating their own weather systems with (dry) lightning starting new fires.

The battle continues and will do for some time yet.  People are being asked to leave, or being evacuated, from their home, their towns, their local regions.  My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering as a result of this disaster.

And my respect goes out to everyone fighting these fires, to each and every one of them who continue to put their lives on the line to protect and save others.

Listening to the live news feed from the ABC News early this morning, a light rain was falling in Bairnsdale, Victoria.  Narooma in New South Wales was also experiencing light rainfall – not enough to ‘make a difference’, but enough to provide a little (blessed) relief and cooler conditions.

Conditions have eased today with no emergency warnings in New South Wales at the moment, but there are still three in place in Victoria.

Author: Clare

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17 thoughts

  1. Oh Clare I hear about it on the news daily. It’s truly so very sad! Sending prayers for you and yours to stay safe. And prayers for all who are suffering because of these horrible fires. 🙏🏻

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    1. Thank you, Nancy. Me and mine are safe, but I was very emotional talking to my daughter yesterday knowing she had cancelled a (road) trip that may have taken her near the danger.

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  2. Every photo I see the more I am in awe of the firefighters, and the more my heart sinks at the devastation and long term impact on human health and the natural world. I so hope proper rain falls soon, and that your country can begin to slowly recover.

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    1. Me too, Becky. (Along with our entire population.). And I have to stop watching because it’s breaking my heart. Dean and I visited all of these areas on our trip. We know first hand how beautiful they are/were.


    1. Hi Jen. Yes me and mine are all safe. And yes. Firefighters are heading here from many countries to assist and relieve those fighting these horrendous fires. What we need now is rain and lots of it.

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