Squares in January – Day 6

In the Absence of Sunlight

Part of a neighbour’s solar-powered light display.

Yes, my featured image was an epic fail, however, I managed this one decent shot of the light displays in our neighbourhood.

In the absence of sunlight, these solar-powered lights shone brightly attracting people from all around.  I found it delightful walking to the end of our street and enjoying the Christmas Spirit on show.

My decorations and lights came down this morning and are now packed away and stored for another 10 months or so when, once again, they’ll be dusted off and charged by sunlight during the day in order to put on display throughout the night.  I do love Christmas.

– ⋅ o ♥ o ⋅ –

This is my next entry in Becky’s Square in January photo challenge _____light.

Author: Clare

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15 thoughts

  1. we took down our stuff on the 1st… could have waited another day or two but we were ready – and I like the deer and the featured photo – I like the mistakes and that has cool light lines

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      1. I know some people that would leave it up all year as well.
        And for some reason – many of our neighbors left their lights up til January but stopped turning them on after the 25th? No sure why –
        But I kept mine on til we took them down

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      2. We have neighbours who do the same with their lights. And we have another neighbour who has her Christmas tree clearly on show through a front window. Love that spirit.


      3. I love the front window Christmas tree look as well! We no longer have a huge tree but did have it in front of the window for a while when we had a larger tree –
        Now we have a small table too with and decorate with lights and garland.
        One of my neighbors has the deer lit up and all her bushes have the shrub lights – looks great but get this – she only lights them up three days of the season – xmas eve – xmas day and New Year’s Eve
        That is a lot of work for three times of cranking the power – but hey – to each their own

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      4. Oh that is great that it still sings!
        And my favorite tree memory was while in the middle of a move and we wee in a beachside rental – my head was spinning from
        The whole transition (see it more in hindsight)
        But my MIL gave me a small tree with lights from her piano room and we put it up in a spare bedroom (big tree was out up in the living room) anyhow – underneath the tree were a dozen little mice figurines – each in a different position – and a few other figures – and that whole xmas season had a special feel on that room because of the small lit tree and my toddler and I would sometimes arrange the mice before bed – ahhh sweet memories

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