Squares in January – Day 11

Sunlight Filtered

(Through the Earth’s Shadow)

Penumbral Eclipse, January 11, 2020

It was never my intention to post another photo of the Moon so soon after Squares in January – Day 9 (Reflected Sunlight), however, lunar events changed my mind, as they so often do.

I was so disappointed to miss the better part of the penumbral lunar eclipse this morning.  It didn’t help that I set my alarm for 2:50 PM instead of 2:50 AM.  Thank goodness my internal clock eventually told me something was wrong and I had a reason to get out of bed.  It was 4:20 am, and I almost missed everything as the Earth’s penumbra had started touching the Moon’s face at 3:07 am (local time).

The eclipse reached the maximum at 5:00 am and, by then, the Sun was rising and making it more difficult to photograph.  Before it slipped below the horizon and out of sight, it was almost impossible to see (let alone photograph).

Captured at 4:34 am

A penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are not perfectly aligned and the Moon misses the full shadow of the Earth (umbra).

Because some sunlight still reaches (all of) the Moon’s surface during penumbral lunar eclipses, some say these types of eclipses are fairly unspectacular.

I don’t listen to that (or them) and it doesn’t stop me wanting to watch – and take photos.

What a way to start the day 🙂

– ⋅ o ♥ o ⋅ –

This is my next entry in Becky’s Square in January photo challenge _____light.

The next eclipse, another penumbral lunar eclipse, will take place on June 6, 2020 (or June 5 depending on where you live).

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