A Little Dew On Top

I can’t believe I’m finally getting into the swing of things for Becky’s photo challenge and it will soon be over.  But at least now I’m seeing things that fit her criteria.

I love this Geranium 💜 captured just a few minutes ago and still partly in shadow in my back garden.

This is my next entry in Becky’s Square in April photo challenge Tops.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

11 thoughts

    1. Well hello, Hilary 🙂 I did see a post from you the other day, but was so busy I didn’t get around to commenting (you must forgive me). Lovely to hear from you and yes, we’re all fine. Hooe you are too.


      1. No worries! It takes me ages to respond or I forget… Staying home all the time doesn’t help me remember better. 😀 I’ve quite enjoyed adjusting to a slower pace of life and am quite happy to not have to leave the house now, except for bike rides with the kids, of course! We came across a large collection of frogs today. I couldn’t believe how loud they were! I don’t know much about frog life cycles… they were quite large and seemed to be sitting like starfish on the surface of the water. Whenever a bird flew over, they’d duck under the water and go totally silent. It was fun to watch them pushing their little legs to make them shoot forward a bit until they seemed to get tired and have to rest again. 😀

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      2. I must admit, I’m enjoying not working right now. It has given me time to do all those things I never seem to find time for.

        Did you take pictures of the frogs? It sounds like this adventure warrants a post (or two).


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