July Squares – Day 5 – Bonus Square

Posted on behalf of my daughter, Melissa.

This photo was taken on my Wedding Day.

I chose this photo for Becky’s Square Photo Challenge because I remember when I first saw it I could not believe how much I looked like my Mum. I remember as a child hearing how much my other sisters each looked like a mini version of one of our parents, and I always thought I had a bit of both of them in me. I was so stunned to see how much we looked alike now I was a young woman. When Mum and I started working together a few years later, I got so much joy when our colleagues found out we were related (due to my married name) and say “I can’t believe I didn’t realise, you look SO much alike!”

This picture was taken 11 years ago, and not only do I think we look even more alike now, but I see so much more of my Mum in me every day. I see her strength, her determination and drive, her morals and convictions, her individualism, and her caring and loving heart. Some people are terrified of “turning into” their parents, but from my perspective, it’s a wonderful gift because my Mum is one of the greatest people I know.

Happy Birthday, Mummy. I love you so much xxx

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

This is Melissa’s first entry in Becky’s July Squares Photo Challenge – Perspective.

(You too, can join the fun.)


Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

15 thoughts

  1. awww she has brought tears to my eyes, this is so beautiful. A gorgeous perspective, she has shared so much about the pair of you and what a lovely photo too. A very Happy Birthday to you Clare. This truly is a bonus square.

    Huge thanks to Melissa for coming up with this, and to you for posting xxx

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    1. And now I’ve got years in my eyes. Thank you, Becky. I’ve had a lovely day (one daughter here, and time spent with the other two virtually). I’ll make sure Melissa reads your comment.

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      1. So glad you have had a lovely day, and been able to spend it with all of them, even if it had to be virtually in part. Thank goodness for the technology xxx

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