July Squares – Week Three Review

The week that was because . . .

. . . Perspective is all about how you look at things.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

The ‘Where ‘n When’ of the photos used this week.

Day 15 – Lookout! It’s Sharknado!
This photo was taken on May 21, 2015, while in Devonport, Tasmania. Coincidentally, this photo was taken the same day I took the photo I used on Day 14 (Mersey Bluff Lighthouse) and was captured while standing there waiting to watch the sunset.
Day 16 – “Don’t know where to go? I recommend south-west.”
This photo was taken on November 24, 2015, when we were staying at Augusta,  the southernmost town on the south-west coast of Western Australia.  This photo was taken the same day I took the photo of Captain Cow Sparrow used on Day 9.
Day 17 – Are we on a road to nowhere?
This photo was taken on October 1, 2015, while out exploring the Fleurieu Peninsula in the southern reaches of South Australia. Just two days later we were on the ferry to Kangaroo Island. The second photo was taken on May 29, 2015, just around the corner where we were housesitting at Basin View in New South Wales. (This was where we ‘sat out winter’ in 2015.)
Day 18 – Seaside Serenity
The main photo was taken on August 13, 2015, at Kiama, New South Wales. The other photos were taken February 13, 2015, Malacttoa, Victoria (1 & 2), and October 6, 2015, Kangaroo Island, South Australia (3).
Day 19 – Are we there yet?
This photo was taken on February 5, 2016, while we were staying at Denham, Western Australia. This was one segment of a 42 kilometre (26.1 miles) drive through Francois Peron National Park to reach Cape Peron and from what I recall, my biggest fear was getting stuck in this ‘road’ that literally was super-soft red sand.
Day 20 – It’s just a little ‘bump’ in the road’.
This photo was taken on February 25, 2016, while driving between Broome and Lake Argyle, across the top of Western Australia. There had been rain, though not a lot, and I remember this being a very pretty part of our country.
Day 21 – Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack.
This photo was taken on February 8, 2016, while we were at Carnarvon, Western Australia. This is One Mile Jetty, originally built in 1897, it is now listed with state and national heritage trusts and is being progressively preserved.

And to the featured image used for this post.

A drive through the forest.
This photo was taken on December 28, 2015.
This is Boranup Road through Boranup Forest in Western Australia.

This is my next entry in Becky’s July Squares Photo Challenge – Perspective.

(You too, can join the fun.)

I hope you’ve all liked the roads this week.

For next week I’ve chosen other types of perspective images.

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      1. I have goosebumps reliving the experience. The second time I visited was when my friend Denise flew over to WA to spend Christmas with us (2015) and she and I spent three days driving around the south west – she was amazed at the trees too. (This was when I took that photo.)


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