A Little Pop of Homegrown Goodness

A little over three years ago, Kate (daughter No 1) gave me a grafted lime tree for my birthday.

Without planting it in the ground, it has been a labour of love trying to keep it alive, let alone trying to get it to bear fruit.

I have had to neaten unwanted growth from the rootstock, it has been eaten almost to non-existence by bugs, and then, just as it was recovering, showing precious signs of life, it was beaten half to death by hail.

Seriously I almost gave up and admitted defeat. I thought I’d have to say my farewells to what was to be my own supply of bittersweet, zesty (ok, sour), little citrus delights.

But never fear. The tree – obviously a little fighter – has survived all those horrible things thrown its way and finally started bearing fruit.

Just look at all that juice waiting to be squeezed.

So it only took three years, but I have harvested a grand total of . . .

. . . wait for it . . .


And after picking it yesterday afternoon I wasted no time in sampling a little pop of homegrown goodness squeezing half of it across our breakfast this morning.

There is something very moreish about avocado with fresh lime juice and cracked pepper.

With another two limes on my little tree, and a few flowers emerging, I am looking forward to some more bittersweet, zesty, little citrus delights from my own garden.

If I get enough, I may have to make Dean a Lime Cheesecake. (He’d like that.)

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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  1. Well done Clare. That perseverance and nuturing is so typical of you. We have a little lime tree that did not bear fruit for years but we discovered by feeding it regularly we gained lovely fruit .

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