A New Visitor

Although a little camera shy, we’ve had a visit from a Scarlet Honeyeater.

Not to be confused with a Red-headed Honeyeater, this is definitely a male Scarlet Honeyeater, and it has me wondering if the (drab) little brown honeyeaters that have also been flitting around our back garden are (in fact) female Scarlet Honeyeaters.

For sure they are small enough to be the female of the species, but I wasn’t quick enough to photograph them.

I am delighted I was able to get a few half-way decent shots of this little guy.

This is very good camouflage.

With bright-scarlet plumage, this species of honeyeater is well camouflaged as it flits about among the blossoms of Callistemon (bottlebrush) shrubs, whose flowers are similarly coloured bright red.

BirdLife Australia

My Spirit of the ANZAC Grevillea provides a similar level of concealment.

I almost didn’t see him.

His plumage blended perfectly.

With my (bright) red bottlebrush nearing full bloom, I’ll have to pay closer attention to the birds that are currently having a wonderful time in the front garden.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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      1. Oh no! I still use the viewfinder when photographing birds, but have stepped up to ‘trying the tripod’ – it’s a little restrictive when dealing with flitty birds though.

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    1. Thank you, Nancy. His visit was only fleeting, however, Dean said he ‘thought’ he saw him – and his girls – in the garden a couple of days ago. Fingers crossed these little honeyeaters visit more frequently.

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