Share Your Desktop

Announcing a new photography challenge.

But first, a little background.

This is the photograph I currently have set as my desktop.

Captured April 20, 2020

I took this photo in my garden back in April when the bees were so prolific I could hear them buzzing from within the house. I originally shared this photo on April 21 for Becky’s April Squares Photo Challenge – Tops, then recently shared it again on October 29 for Becky’s October Squares Photo Challenge – Kind.

I love this photo so much, I set it as my desktop wallpaper back in April and, being a nerd, I’m on my computer each day so I get to admire my handy work each time I sit at my desk, but it was during a comments conversation with Becky in October that the seeds of an idea were planted.

Here’s the conversation where Becky was remarking upon the comment I applied to the photo stating that:

Because we’ve had (nasty) storms over the past few days, I’ve dug into my archives today.
This photo of a bee making a ‘beeline’ for one of my Grevilleas also featured in April Squares.

Becky: well thank goodness for the storms as otherwise we wouldn’t have seen this delight this month, what a treat
Me: Thank you, Becky. I use this photo as my desktop wallpaper and get to look at it every day
Becky: well that’s marvellous and wouldn’t it make a great challenge!
Me: Do you mean something like: “What photo is on your desktop?” (This month?)
Becky: Yes 😀
Me: 🥰 stay tuned
Becky: ooh 😀

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

Becky likes to make me think 🙂 and all I’ve done lately is think about this.

Therefore, today I’m announcing my

Photo Challenge – Share Your Desktop

The Nitty Gritty

  1. On the 15th of each month, I will change my desktop wallpaper to another photo I will have taken.
  2. This may be a photo captured recently, or one I select from my archives.
  3. I will then share this photo in my Share Your Desktop post for the month including a description of the image, where and when it was taken and (perhaps) any other details about the image that (I feel) you might find interesting.
  4. Please join in by sharing the photo* you have set as your wallpaper and providing as little or as much detail as you wish.
  5. Include a link or pingback to my post for the month and I will relish visiting your blog and your post and reading about your photo.
  6. Finally, of course, share the fun around.

I’m excited and can’t wait to share my desktop tomorrow.

Equally, I look forward to seeing your desktop 🙂

* In the interest of maintaining personal privacy, please refrain from sharing a screenshot of your desktop, and merely share the image you have set as your wallpaper.

You can download the challenge icon here – or here if you’d prefer a smaller file.

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