Share Your Desktop – November 2020

I have to say, I am excited about getting a new challenge underway and hope I have encouraged you to Share Your Desktop with me.

Here’s mine 🌸

Captured June 21, 2019

I was given a small piece of this delicate Geranium cultivar by my dear friend Denise.

At a time when my garden establishment was well underway, with greenery beginning to hide the back fence completely, these gorgeous, slightly ruffled, pink-tipped petals added a most welcome pop of colour that constantly drew my eye. If you look closely at the centre bloom, it almost looks rose-like. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.

I can hardly believe I took this photo with my iPhone.

Originally planted in the understorey of my back garden, when it had grown enough, I propagated a couple of pieces to place in two other locations – my vertical garden and a hanging basket. I think of Denise every time this plant catches my eye and because it’s a prolific bloomer, that is often.

For the most part, my garden overflows with plants that have been gifted to me by my friends.

I love grow it forward plants.

They are the gift that keeps on giving.

–⋅ o β™₯ o ⋅–

Now it’s over to you.

  1. Please join in by sharing the photo* you have set as your wallpaper;
  2. Provide as little or as much detail as you wish;
  3. Either comment here with a link to your post or use a pingback so I know you have joined in the fun and I’ll visit your blog and your post and read all about your photo; and
  4. Share the fun around πŸ₯°
Photo Challenge – Share Your Desktop

* Remember, in the interest of maintaining your personal privacy, please refrain from sharing a screenshot of your desktop and merely share the image you have set as your wallpaper.

The challenge icon can be downloaded here – or here if you’d prefer a smaller fileor here if you would like a copy of the full image used above.

Author: Clare

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    1. Thank you, Cee. I’m going to take a leaf out of Becky’s book and do a review of entries because I can, but also because I force my site to minimise the comments. Thank you so much for joining in the fun, your participation means a lot and your sunflower is stunning.

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